I am going to talk about the additional training that I have just finished yesterday.

One of the colleagues helps me to review some knowledges and procedures. 

It was really helpful.

The training shift time was 8 hours, 9am to 3 pm. This is not bad.

We started from the hospital tour and it was so interesting since I did not know which floor is ICU or oncology...

So knowing inside of the hospital is important even though I have already worked for three months without any knowledge about the location in the hospital.

Next, we went through how to use an infusion pump and PCA pump.

I have used IV pump many times, even so, my mentor taught me some new things. 

Since I have a list of skills, she also covered the skills in the lists.

Surprisingly, there are many skills I was not sure. 

For instance, how to change the dressing for PICC catheter, how to initiate and perform a procedure for CBI (continuous bladder irrigation), kinds of IV lines, etc...

This training was really useful for me.

In addition, I get paid for the training.

I will review the training not to forget.

Reviewing is necessary to make the knowledge and skills solid.

Thank you for reading, hope you have a great day!