Hello it is Miki.

I would like to tell you the tips help to build good relationships with people in Canada.

It is really stressful to move to the place not familiar with and change the life we have to use our second language.

For Japanese people, speaking English is tough because we don't have a good education for learning English in Japan.

However, many Japanese people want to go abroad due to their goals.

Some of them like to learn English more, others want to work as a profession outside of Japan.

In addition, some Japanese people have to go to other countries because of their jobs and they might not willing to move to foreign countries.

So we have many reasons to change the places we live outside of Japan.

Somehow, we need to adjust to the new environment.

I made great friends here after I came to Canada.

Meeting new people is interesting and it's good to have a lot of opportunities.

We can't keep in touch with all of them but meeting new people is the one of great expediences in our life.

Here are some tips I believe to make great relationships with people and continue to have it longer.

1. Don't refuse an invitation

I always try not to refuse the invitation from people unless I have a special plan.

For example, when I was asked to come over to the friends' house, I went.

When I was asked to visit any kinds of meeting, I attended.

We are lazy,  maybe shy, have less confidence to speak English, have fear that we might not understand what people are saying, etc.

We have a lot of excuses not to go out, however, you might miss a great opportunity to build wonderful relationship with the friends.

I have a friends couple that I can call them as my family in Canada.

We spend every holiday together and they are willing to help us.

I am sure they make our lives easy, and they give us joy and happiness.

I have started our relationship with the wife from a conversation partner.

Eventually, she invited me to come over their house or go to movies, and asked me to spend time together.

It was grateful they consider about us and try to help us.

Spending time with them is wonderful each time, but I think it was good that I accepted their invitation in the beginning.

2. Be nice and polite for everyone and willing to help

I am living with a Canadian lady who already retired.

Our relationship is landlord and tenant, but she usually stays home at night and often spends time with my daughter. 

We have supper together almost every day, sometimes eat out together, go to a movie together.

I can say we have a great relationship more than the one between a landlord and tenant.

One of a member of Nikkeikai (Japanese community) introduced her to us.

I was willing to join Nikkeikai and tried to help something for Nikkeikai.

I believe my attitude which tried to be nice for all people and willingness to help bring this great connection to us.

If the member who introduced this lady to us didn't think my daughter and I were good people, he would not have introduced us to his friend.

Being nice, polite, and willing to help is not harmful to everyone, so it is better to keep those attitudes.

3. Show your gratitude

I have got a lot of help that can't write down here enough since I came to Canada.

People said to me that I don't need to return something for them, just help others when I can.

A two years ago, I was student and I did not have a financial stability.

It was difficult to give a present to suites the one we got from people.

In stead of giving big presents or gift cards, I showed my gratitude often with words, text, email, and try to help something physically such as doing housework.

I feel those are still not enough compared with the help we have got.

But it is important to show our gratitude.

4. Accept advises from people around you at least once

I feel Canadian people like to give advises.

They have confidence of their advice and there are some useful information and tips from their experiences.

Follow the advice at least once.

You don't need to continue that. If you feel it is not useful or not comfortable for you, just stop.

However, unless you try, you don't know anything.

Not trying anything is a waste of opportunities of success.

5. Make connection

I have gone to the church close to my house when I had free time on Sunday.

Actually, my landlord suggested to go to a church because I can sing, have a new experience, and meet new people.

I am not a Christian, but in Canada, everybody is welcomed to church.

I have met a church nurse there and started to attend the meeting of Christian nurses' group.

One of member of this group is my reference for the full time job which I work now.

We never know where the connection we find.

Keep open your mind.

I hope I don't have many mistakes on my spelling and grammar. 

Have a great day!!